[tbb-dev] "Open with" vs. confinement of Tor Browser

anonym anonym at riseup.net
Sun Nov 1 23:17:32 UTC 2015

> intrigeri:
>> I see two main options:
>> 1. Add an option to Tor Browser to never propose opening a downloaded
>>    file with an external application.
> This would of course be ideal. [...]

I had a look, and it turned out to be almost trivial to add a pref for
this once I found the responsible code in this gigantic codebase. See
the attached patch for a PoC! I suppose a ticket should be opened, but I
guess we could first discuss here what we actually want to do since,
well, the discussion started here. Or?

However, this patch would (AFAICT) do exactly what we want in Tails, so
we'd be thrilled if you could apply it in time for the next Tor Browser
release, even if we come up with some grander solution that will take
longer time to implement. Then it can just be dropped.


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