[tbb-dev] "Open with" vs. confinement of Tor Browser

intrigeri intrigeri at boum.org
Sun Nov 1 14:15:08 UTC 2015


when we've started confining Tor Browser with AppArmor in Tails, we
introduced a usability regression: when downloading a file, we let the
user choose between "Save as" and "Open with", while we know that
"Open with" will always fail.

Note that we currently set extensions.torbutton.launch_warning to
false, because the text in that warning dialog is no good fit
for Tails.

I see two main options:

1. Add an option to Tor Browser to never propose opening a downloaded
   file with an external application.

   I suspect this is quite involved, and probably not worth the
   effort. But you know the codebase, and I don't, so I'm all ears :)

2. Display a custom pre-download dialog that makes users aware of the
   limitations ("the next dialog window lies ⇒ don't even try choosing
   'Open with'")

   E.g. set extensions.torbutton.launch_warning back to true, and
   patch the torbutton.popup.external.* strings to tell users that
   "Open with" won't work.

   Can we do that ourselves without modifying Torbutton?

   If not, could we add a pref (off by default) that uses alternate
   strings when turned on? I guess we can provide a patch, and have
   the strings go through our own tech writers / UX people, if you
   think it's acceptable.

3. Other ideas?

[JFTR this is about Tails ticket #9285.]


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