[tbb-dev] Tor Browser/Tor Applications Team Meeting temporarily moved to Tuesday 18:00 UTC

Mike Perry mikeperry at torproject.org
Sun Jul 26 08:59:39 UTC 2015

The Tor Browser team meeting will be temporarily moved this week to
Tuesday (July 28th) at 18:00 UTC, due to scheduling conflicts for Georg
and me. Because of an additional conflict with the Tor Patch Workshop,
we will likely be using #tor-project on irc.oftc.net instead of
#tor-dev, as well.

We're also expanding the meeting in general to open it up to anyone who
is working on user-facing Tor client applications (such as Tor Birdy,
Tor Messenger, Ricochet, GetTor, Satori, etc). If you work on something
user-facing and want to discuss UI/UX, censorship circumvention
configuration, or any related topics, please join us!

The meeting format is described here:

Mike Perry
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