[tbb-dev] Problems getting a nsIChannel reference

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Thu Jan 15 15:40:42 UTC 2015

Hi Arthur,

Cool, I was hoping you'd reply.

On Wed., Jan. 14, 2015, Arthur D. Edelstein wrote:
>On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 5:16 PM, Michael Schloh von Bennewitz wrote:
>> Regarding #9701, on Monday's meeting we talked about this method:
>>   DataStruct::SetData (nsISupports* aData, uint32_t aDataLen)
>>   { // Try to get a nsIChannel here }
>> [...]
>> Looks like this is not going to make it in the 4.5 alpha 3 release.
>Could you add a flag to DataStruct::SetData, like
>`DataStruct::SetData (nsISupports* aData, uint32_t aDataLen, bool private)`
Yes, per my suggestion 'changing the API' at the meeting.
This breaks binary compatability, but it might not be as
bad as I thought, since the interface isn't exposed in IDL.

By the way:

tor-browser$ find . -name '*.cpp' -exec grep 'SetData' {} \; -print | wc
  883 (!)   2174   49443

>The nsTransferable::mPrivateData field seems to indicate
>if the data came from a private browsing load context:
mPrivateData is a protected member of another class, so dead end.

All we can do is break binary compatability and hope for the best.
It might lower chances of a easy backport to ESR38, but let's see.

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