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Date: Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 1:51 AM
Subject: Tor Project Idea | GSOC 2015 | Panopticlick | fake fingerprint
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I'm Rohit from India, aspiring for gsoc-2015(TOR). This will be my 2nd
consecutive year for gsoc participation. Previous mediawiki. Project:BUB
tool <http://tools.wmflabs.org/bub/>

I stumbled across Panopticlick related project
<https://www.torproject.org/getinvolved/volunteer.html.en#Panopticlick> in
tor project ideas. I would like to propose a project relating to this.
Panopticlick obtains browser fingerprints mainly via javascript
objects(navigator, screen, window etc.)  These objects are easy to fake in
webkit browsers, without touching the underlying source code of browsers,
eg.  using *__defineGetter__() *after every* javascriptObjectCleared.*
If we could compile a large dataset of possible values of js object for
several popular browsers, we could use that to randomize the fingerprint
for each network request.
The dataset could also contain random http header values etc.

I am building a python library that does somewhat similar.
https://github.com/rohit-dua/selkie (*in development*) It uses pyqt for
headless browsing/scraping of webpages. It is a python library that mimics
different browser fingerprints by faking(randomizing) the values of
navigator, screen object, headers etc. I also intend to add biometric
library that mimics humans mouse movements/ keypress statistics for
clicking links and surfing pages.

I propose to build a similar headless bot that mimics several browsers
fingerprints and could be used for anonymous scraping of data and/or adding
a feature of random fingerprint in awesome tor tools. Also to improve
anonymity location based datasets could be provided(*supported in the above
library*) as extra/feature.(maybe downloaded from statcounter.com)

Rohit Dua
github: rohit-dua <https://github.com/rohit-dua/>
(8ohit.dua at gmail.com)
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