[tbb-dev] TBB 3.6.6 and self-signed certificates

Bram de Boer list-tbb-dev at nosur.com
Fri Sep 26 18:31:45 UTC 2014


I am having trouble using TBB 3.6.6 to connect to a website that uses a
self-signed certificate.

In the previous 3.6.5 version I was presented the usual warning, but after
double checking the certificate fingerprint I could click the [Confirm
Security Exception] button and TorBrowser would connect.

However, in the 3.6.6 version after I click the [Confirm Security
Exception] button, the dialog window disappears, a spinner is shown and
TorBrowser starts trying to connect. However the page will never load.

I have searched the preferences panel but could not find any option that
might be useful. I read that 3.6.6 contained some changes with respect to
saving intermediate certificates to disk. Could it be this has affected
the use of self-signed certificates?

Any suggestion?


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