[tbb-dev] [tor-qa] 64 bit Mac Builds?

Tom Ritter tom at ritter.vg
Wed Sep 17 03:16:19 UTC 2014

Okay, I think it's all good - 64bit everything: utils, tor, Firefox,
Pluggable Transports, full ASLR.  I tested all the PTs and.... I think
they work.  flashproxy wasn't getting past 10%, I attributed that to
there not being flashproxy users...  In general, doing solid checks of
PTs and making sure we're confident they're working is important.

Binaries are here: https://ritter.vg/misc/transient/2014-09-16-tjr-64bit/
Note that I'm doing some testing on my server, so I have a self-signed
cert on it.  The fingerprint is:
SHA1 Fingerprint=07:B5:CA:28:23:8F:4B:7C:8C:E3:8F:8C:FE:D9:41:5E:28:47:25:5B

And clean commits (one in each repo) are here:


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