[tbb-dev] Tor Messenger and Certificates

Sukhbir Singh azadi at riseup.net
Tue Oct 28 13:18:26 UTC 2014

Hi list,

We are thinking of including certificates for OFTC, CCC, etc. with Tor
Messenger, since some of these popular chat servers use self-signed
certificates. Quick questions about this:

- Is this a good idea -- including these certificates by default? Or
  should we let the users click on "add exception" and then add the
  certificates themselves?

- What is a good way of achieving this (adding these certificates) as
  part of the build process? I can't seem to find a "proper" way and
  documentation seems to be lacking. I think we have to update cert8.db
  as part of the default profile, but I was wondering if there is some
  documentation or a preferred way of doing this.



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