[tbb-dev] problem with ESR31 TB build (binutils/gold)

Mark Smith mcs at pearlcrescent.com
Mon Oct 6 14:36:12 UTC 2014

On 10/6/14 4:36 AM, Georg Koppen wrote:
> Mark Smith wrote:
>> I am trying to build an ESR31-based Tor Browser bundle via gitian.  The
>> error below occurs while building the gold linker.  Has anyone else seen
>> this?
> No (at least not me). Which commit are you using?

I built from the tip of master, which at that time was 

> Does the problem happen with the 4.0a3 tag (i.e. tbb-4.0a3-build3) as
> well?

I don't think so, although I deleted some older build directories last 
week so I cannot confirm with 100% certainty that I built successfully 
with that exact tag.  I will kick off a build now using tbb-4.0a3-build3 
and let you know how it goes.

Mark Smith
Pearl Crescent, LLC

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