[tbb-dev] auto-rebasing tor-browser patches on gecko-dev master

Nicolas Vigier boklm at mars-attacks.org
Mon Nov 3 17:00:14 UTC 2014


A few days ago on #tor-dev:

01:20 < mikeperry> arthuredelstein,boklm: I'm going into mozilla next
      wednesday, and I suspect they're going to want to make progress
      on getting our branch running in their testing infrastructure..
      a thought occurrs: what if we were to make an auto-rebasing script
      that periodically tries to rebase our patches on to master from
      https://github.com/mozilla/gecko-dev? then we'd not only have early
      warning if they break our new tests, but also when our patches 
01:21 < mikeperry> it may mean more work in terms of constantly fixing
      broken patches though..

I think I can do something to try to automatically rebase our patches
on gecko-dev master, build and run the tests every night, then send an
email if the rebase failed, the build failed, or a test that was
successful the previous day failed.

Sometimes the auto-rebasing will fail. Maybe we can have a 'nightly'
or 'master' branch where we push manually rebased patches when
auto-rebasing failed ?

I don't know how often the auto-rebasing will fail, and how much work it
will be to manually fix it though.

Does it look like a good idea ?

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