[tbb-dev] Cookie protection does nothing

Karel Bílek kb at karelbilek.com
Sun Nov 2 10:59:33 UTC 2014

I have another question, again I am not sure if this is the right
place to ask (sorry if I am spamming your development list with
unrelated stuff, please tell me where to go with this if this is a
wrong place),

I cannot figure out if "cookie protections", that appear under Tor
button in TBB, even do something and how to make them work.

I can't protect (or unprotect) any cookie, nothing I do or select in
the table has any effect whatsoever on my browsing.

Cookies are never saved, every time I click on "new identity" I am
with a clean slate, the table in "cookie protections" is always empty
no matter what I do.

Is that correct? If it is, why is the option even there, shouldn't it
be removed?


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