[tbb-dev] Releasing 4.0.1 w/o update notification

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Sat Nov 1 20:49:20 UTC 2014

Mark Smith:
> The only thing that is confusing about not advertising an update is that
> people may wonder why they are not able to update to the latest version
> (4.0.1) from within the browser.  But we have dealt with that problem in
> the past with Tor Browser non-security critical updates.

There is a difference here: In the past there was no updater in Tor
Browser and the users did not expect to have it working. This changed
with 4.0 and users start asking why they can't update to 4.0.1 as there
is now an updater available but which tells them that their browser is
up-to-date which is clearly false (there is a new version that is even
fixing non-emergency issues). This is indeed confusing. I think we
should at least avoid that in the future and allow always updating from
within the browser if we ship an update for the respective platform.
This means it is totally fine to ship, say, a hotfix update just for
Windows and let therefore only update Windows users to the new version
and claim for all other platforms the browser is still up-to-date.

> To avoid advertising an update, I think we will need to tweak the
> .htaccess file that boklm's script generates.

Do we? I thought just doing nothing is enough.


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