[tbb-dev] Current thoughts on tb-manual presentation

Lunar lunar at torproject.org
Thu May 29 16:09:25 UTC 2014

Matt Pagan:
> > PDF are great when you print. For online uses, really, nope (unless you
> > want the feeling of a book — but we are not doing a book).
> I got the impression I was working on something book-like. I'm familiar
> with other user manuals being either books or pdf documents.

In my mind, we are creating an online help manual. Look at what happen
when you open Firefox (or Tor Browser for the time being) Preferences
and click on the Help button. Look also what the index look like when
you go to Help in the Help menu.

The various screens of the wizard and the Network Preferences panel
should have similar Help button. We need to have an index as well,
but it's easy to combine both approaches with Mallard.

What we care about that needs to be read out of the Tor Browser:

 * How to circumvent censorship
 * Troubleshooting when Tor Browser does not start
 * How to get more support

Have I missed anything? In any cases, it's a small subset of the manual.

But sure, you can read an online help manual cover-to-cover. It's
actually what I did with every house appliances since I was a kid. But I
don't believe most people do that.

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