[tbb-dev] Collapsing TBB components on Trac

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Mon Mar 17 10:57:24 UTC 2014

Roger Dingledine:
> Why not Torbutton while we're at it? I guess more broadly, the Torbutton
> component should be triaged and then lit on fire.


>> While it is good to fold them into one component to send notifications
>> to a list, I don't want to miss the ability to search for specific
>> "subcomponents". Not sure whether there is a good way to do that with
>> Trac. We (at least I) currently use keywords e.g. for it (see the
>> "gitian" keyword as example) which kind of works. I can live with that

Regarding "gitian": I think given that other projects are going to
use/using it as well (TIMB has an open bug about it; pluggable
transports has the famous #9444 and other, follow-up bugs), we should
get the bugs tagged with "gitian" out of the Tor bundles/installation
(and thus, tbb-bugs) component into an own one (maybe "Gitian"?).

>> but am not sure if it is still usable when we only have one big
>> component (and a lot of keywords).
> We faced exactly this situation with the 'Tor' component -- we've
> adopted the unofficial policy of adding keywords tor-client, tor-relay,
> tor-hs, tor-auth, etc to help people who liked the old "many components"
> model. But we're slowly finding that we don't need to do that anymore.

Interesting. I wonder whether the 'Tor' component is comparable to the
TBB beast, though, given that the latter seems to be much less
homogeneous (it feels sometimes as if it consists only of loosely
related components: there are different programming languages involved;
there parts that are pretty low-level (e.g. networking related code) and
parts that deal with UX...) and might therefore attract different
developer types which probably like to keep track of different areas.
But maybe that is indeed a non-issue in the long run, dunno.


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