[tbb-dev] How much the Tor Browser is still a Bundle?

Mike Perry mikeperry at torproject.org
Tue Mar 11 20:59:58 UTC 2014

> Mike Perry wrote (11 Mar 2014 18:46:59 GMT) :
> > Suggestions then?
> As noted in another email, I was happy with your proposals :)

Oh, actually I'm pretty sure my proposal is passive voice too

> +<!ENTITY torprogress.pleaseWait "Please wait while a Tor network 
> +         connection is established.">

> "Please wait while a connection to the Tor network is established." 

Both of these are actually passive. In both cases the connection is
being established by a mystery agent (because we are trying to avoid
mentioning the browser explicitly, which got us into this mess).

I think you're right that this is indicitive of a problem with the
wording that we should fix. Or maybe it actually means that trying to
avoid mentioning the browser is a Really Bad Idea.

Here's two that aren't passive that got lost in the trim:
> "Please wait while Tor establishes a network connection."
> "Please wait while we establish a connection to the Tor network."

After thinking about it while rewriting these, I think the last one is
best in terms of explaining what is happening, and without passive
voice. In particular, Tor isn't mucking with your network connection, or
creating a new "network connection" on your computer.

Changing strings is fun...

Mike Perry
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