[tbb-dev] How much the Tor Browser is still a Bundle?

Mike Perry mikeperry at torproject.org
Tue Mar 11 17:11:43 UTC 2014

Mark Smith:
> On 3/11/14, 6:30 AM, Georg Koppen wrote:
> >Ah, I understood the original question to be more a question for
> >developers not one having particular users in mind. While I am inclined
> >to agree on your point that users should not care whether they start the
> >bundle the browser or whatever I'd be a bit cautious as oversimplifying
> >might bite us back. If we only talk about Tor Browser then this might
> >make it harder to pinpoint issues the users have as the dev/support
> >needs to disentangle "Tor Browser". The other thing is: we offer the Tor
> >Browser Bundle for download (and not the Tor Browser). Now, if we
> >everywhere else only talk about the Tor Browser (even though "Tor
> >Browser Bundle" might be the more appropriate term) the users might
> >start asking: "Hey, why do I need to download the Tor Browser Bundle,
> >when the Tor Browser is obviously enough?"
> Overall, I agree with Lunar and others that most people do not think
> about the pieces underneath.
> But if it is ever possible that end-users will want to talk about
> "the Tor Browser" separately from "the Tor Browser Bundle" then we
> should keep the word "bundle" in the name.  If not, simpler is
> better.
> Currently most of our downloads are described as "bundles" because
> they all contain tor plus other software.  For example, go to this
> page and then click one of the OS buttons ("Microsoft Windows") to
> show what is available:
> https://www.torproject.org/download/download.html.en
> I guess that is just how things have been done and it is not
> necessarily an argument for what we should do from now on.
> >>I don't understand. My proposal was to replace:
> >>
> >>     Before the Tor Browser Bundle tries…
> >>
> >>by:
> >>
> >>     Before the Tor Browser tries…
> >>
> >>How is this related to the local running Tor?
> >
> >The bundle connects you to the Tor network, the browser "only" to your
> >local Tor running (shipped in the bundle). But as I said, I originally
> >read the mail to be from devs for devs. So, for normal users this would
> >be hairsplitting.
> >
> >>Although given that Tails is now using Tor Launcher, not mentioning any
> >>specific application here would be the best move.
> >
> >Yes, that is my "omitting 'Tor Browser Bundle' and rewording the whole
> >sentence" idea. Agreed that it would probably be the best thing to do.
> I agree that the term "Tor Browser Bundle" is not good for how Tails
> is using Tor Launcher.  But we also need to make sure users are
> comfortable with the first screen they see.  For TBB we want them to
> know they are looking at a screen that is part of the software they
> just downloaded... which is why we branded it "Tor Browser Bundle"
> via both the logo and the text.
> We could switch to a more generic Tor branding, e.g., use the onion
> logo and generic text.  But I think for Tor Browser (Bundle) users
> it would be better to keep the product-specific branding.

Hrmm. I think that we should keep Tor Browser specific logos, but I
actually think it won't hurt things too much to make the actual text
more generic, to avoid confusion of Tails, Thunderbird, and Instantbird

It is easy for other apps using Tor Launcher to switch the logos, but it
is not so easy for them to switch localization strings.

Luckily, the changes to make the strings generic are minimal. Here's a diff:

-<!ENTITY torsettings.prompt "Before the Tor Browser tries to connect to
-         the Tor network, you need to provide information about this computer's 
-         Internet connection.">
+<!ENTITY torsettings.prompt "Before you connect to the Tor network, you
+         need to provide information about this computer's Internet
+         connection.">

-<!ENTITY torprogress.pleaseWait "The Tor Browser will open after a Tor
-         network connection is established.">
+<!ENTITY torprogress.pleaseWait "Please wait while a Tor network
+         connection is established.">

Does this look OK?

Mike Perry
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