[tbb-dev] How much the Tor Browser is still a Bundle?

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Tue Mar 11 10:30:54 UTC 2014

> Georg Koppen:
>>> We usually call Tor's flagship product the “Tor Browser Bundle”.
>>> But since Tor Browser 3 and our departure from Vidalia, I'm having a
>>> harder time going on calling it a “bundle”.
>> that might be true. Nevertheless, it is not just a browser we are
>> shipping. We also ship tor and there are pluggable transports coming.
> Oh, I agree we ship plenty of things to create the Tor Browser. But
> users do not care. Regarding pluggable transports for example, the UI
> says “which type of bridges” do you want to use. Users have no notion
> that this is provided by additional bundled software. And I don't think
> they should care.

Ah, I understood the original question to be more a question for
developers not one having particular users in mind. While I am inclined
to agree on your point that users should not care whether they start the
bundle the browser or whatever I'd be a bit cautious as oversimplifying
might bite us back. If we only talk about Tor Browser then this might
make it harder to pinpoint issues the users have as the dev/support
needs to disentangle "Tor Browser". The other thing is: we offer the Tor
Browser Bundle for download (and not the Tor Browser). Now, if we
everywhere else only talk about the Tor Browser (even though "Tor
Browser Bundle" might be the more appropriate term) the users might
start asking: "Hey, why do I need to download the Tor Browser Bundle,
when the Tor Browser is obviously enough?"

>> I'd say "no" as the Tor Browser is not connecting to the Tor network but
>> rather (presumably) to your local running tor. Maybe omitting "Tor
>> Browser Bundle" and rewording the whole sentence properly might be a
>> better solution, don't know.
> I don't understand. My proposal was to replace:
>     Before the Tor Browser Bundle tries…
> by:
>     Before the Tor Browser tries…
> How is this related to the local running Tor?

The bundle connects you to the Tor network, the browser "only" to your
local Tor running (shipped in the bundle). But as I said, I originally
read the mail to be from devs for devs. So, for normal users this would
be hairsplitting.

> Although given that Tails is now using Tor Launcher, not mentioning any
> specific application here would be the best move.

Yes, that is my "omitting 'Tor Browser Bundle' and rewording the whole
sentence" idea. Agreed that it would probably be the best thing to do.


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