[tbb-dev] How much the Tor Browser is still a Bundle?

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Tue Mar 11 08:12:37 UTC 2014


> Hi!
> We usually call Tor's flagship product the “Tor Browser Bundle”.
> But since Tor Browser 3 and our departure from Vidalia, I'm having a
> harder time going on calling it a “bundle”.

that might be true. Nevertheless, it is not just a browser we are
shipping. We also ship tor and there are pluggable transports coming.

> This is really obvious with the Mac OS X version, where users now
> interact with only a single icon, called “Tor Browser”.

Yes, they are only interacting with Tor Browser (which is good) which is
part of the bundle (containing additionally tor and the pluggable
transports as said above).

> One concrete example is the logo and the wording that is visible in the
> configuration wizard. The logo says “Tor Browser Bundle” and the text
> right next to it says “Before the Tor Browser Bundle tries…”.
> Couldn't we just drop the “Bundle” here?

I'd say "no" as the Tor Browser is not connecting to the Tor network but
rather (presumably) to your local running tor. Maybe omitting "Tor
Browser Bundle" and rewording the whole sentence properly might be a
better solution, don't know.

> For another small unconsistency, the wizard window title is “Tor Network
> Settings”.

Why not reading it as "Settings to connect to the Tor network". If you
read it literally, like "Settings of the Tor Network" then, yes, it does
not make much sense.


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