[tbb-dev] weekly update from Pearl Crescent

Mark Smith mcs at pearlcrescent.com
Thu Jul 17 18:50:25 UTC 2014

I assume there will be a TBB dev meeting tomorrow... unfortunately, 
neither member of the Pearl Crescent team (Kathy Brade and myself) will 
be able to attend.  Here is a brief update from us:

* Related to #4234 (Firefox updater), we commented in child bugs #12622 
and #12623, we looked at what it will take to rebase our patches onto 
the TBB 4.0a1 builder and browser code, and we researched symlink 
support for the Firefox updater (and filed #12647).

"Automate update package distribution for TBB updater"

"Deploy our TBB update archives on a secure machine"

"updater needs to support use of symlinks"

* For Tor Launcher and Torbutton, we fixed the Tor Launcher portion of 
#11193 (new logo in the config wizard that omits the word "Bundle"), we 
debugged #12264 and handed it to Isis for a fix, and we spent a bit of 
time fixing #11472.

"Change Tor Browser Bundle to Tor Browser in package strings, download 
pages, and docs"

"tbb-nightly-2014-07-13 chokes with 'Bad password or authentication 
cookie on controller.'"

"Onion logo and text on about:tor page may overlap in non en-US TBBs"

We also tried to help test the patches for #12391 and we triaged several 
miscellaneous bugs.

"Building mingw-w64 is failing intermittently"

* Next week we plan to focus on #12647 (symlink support for the updater) 
and rebasing of our updater patches. If we are overlooking anything that 
is of higher priority, let us know,

Mark Smith
Pearl Crescent

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