[tbb-dev] Collapsing TBB components on Trac

Erinn Clark erinn at torproject.org
Fri Feb 28 16:28:43 UTC 2014

Hello everyone!

During the dev meeting we had many interesting discussions and agreements about
how to proceed as the ultimate TBB dev team. One of them involved collapsing as
many components as possible into a single Tor Browser Bundle component on Trac.
To this end, we have a new mailing list called tbb-bugs[1] and I've created a
Trac user called tbb-team which has tbb-bugs at lists.torproject.org as its email
address. The idea is to have the huge component have its owner as tbb-team, so
that we are able to see all of the bugs assigned to it via the mailing list and
then assign the bugs to individuals as needed. We will revisit this topic at
the next dev meeting in June to see if it's working out and, if not, figure out
a different solution.

We need to make a few decisions and commit to a few actions now:

1. Which components do we collapse into the huge TBB component? Here's a list
   of all of the current Trac components that are candidates:

   - Firefox Patch Issues
   - Quality Assurance and Testing(?)
   - TIMB
   - Tor Launcher
   - Tor bundles/installation
   - TorBrowserButton

When we discussed this at the dev meeting it seemed unclear whether Tor
Launcher and TIMB would fit into such a component. I'm not sure why they
wouldn't -- please share your thoughts.

2. Pick a time and method to begin collapsing things, which will inevitably
   (and IMO necessarily) involve huge amounts of triaging.

We could do this all-at-once with a batch modification to each agreed upon
component and then try to deal with the resulting mess later, or we could go
component-by-component and try to triage each one of them. It might be easier
to do this in smaller teams, 1-3 people, for specific smallish amounts (1-2h)
of dedicated time a few times a week. Or we could schedule some insane 8h block
where it's all hands on deck. Does anyone have a strong opinion about the best
way to organize this? If not, what are your preferences? 


[1] https://lists.torproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/tbb-bugs
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