[tbb-dev] Are incremental updates working?

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Wed Dec 10 08:10:41 UTC 2014

Mike Perry:
> I just noticed that my 4.5-alpha-2 update from 4.5-alpha-1 on Linux was
> 50M instead of 2M, so presumably I did not get the incremental version
> of the MAR. I don't recall seeing any error messages about the
> incremental failing, but perhaps I blinked and missed it.
> Is this an implementation bug? Or did we just not properly deploy the
> incrementals for 4.5-alpha-2 on the website correctly in some way?

That might be an implementation bug. I witnessed that, too, on my Tor
Browser I generally use for doing things. This is basically what I got
as error:

*** AUS:SVC Downloader:onStopRequest - attempting to stage update: Tor
Browser 4.5-alpha-2
*** AUS:SVC readStatusFile - status: failed: 4, path:
*** AUS:SVC handleFallbackToCompleteUpdate - install of partial patch
failed, downloading complete patch

I was not able to reproduce that on any machine I have for testing
(Windows/OS X/Ubuntu/Debian) with a clean 4.5-alpha-1, so I moved on and
concluded that the incremental updates are actually working and I just
had a local issue. I wonder if getting a better hint about what was
going wrong might be a first thing to find the problem.


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