[tbb-bugs] #27503 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Disabling accessibility on Windows breaks screen readers

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Wed May 29 22:40:14 UTC 2019

#27503: Disabling accessibility on Windows breaks screen readers
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                                                 |  pospeselr
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Comment (by pospeselr):

 Ok this thread's been a bit dead for awhile but lots of things have been
 happening in other parts of the internet. The root cause for this issue is
 that the widl build tool (wine's reimplmentation of midl.exe used to
 generate the code and binary blobs needed for RPC and COM Proxies to work)
 was generating bad bits in many interesting ways.

 These issues have been added to the winehq bug-tracker :

 I've a wine fork with fixes for the various issues blocking us here:

 The **squashed** branch has all needed fixes and I've verified with a
 hacked together windows build that the screen reader works as expected,
 doesn't crash Tor Browser, the ia2 interfaces are proxied correctly and
 pages are navigable via arrow keys (**so if I get hit by a bus that's
 where you'll need to start**).

 The work that remains:
 - patches for (wine) 47035, 47041, 47049, and 47050 need to be merged into
 wine (47035 is hard in particular as it requires a non-trivial refactor
 and the wine devs justifiably don't want to look at the giant diff)
 - the updated widl needs to ride the trains into mingw
 - and while we wait for that to happen, the updated widl need to be
 rebased against the mingw version and the resulting patch added to tor-
 browser-build's mingw project

 I'm OOF in the wilderness starting tomorrow through Monday but I *should*
 be able to do a good chunk of this on Saturday, and I would guess we'd see
 a tor-browser-build patch ready for prime-time by middle of next week (the
 mingw 'branch' of widl is a bit weird and may cause some headaches).

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