[tbb-bugs] #30565 [Applications/Tor Browser]: roll back to previous version of TBB - saved logins and tabs lost after tor browser bundle upgrade (8.5)

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Wed May 29 06:47:50 UTC 2019

#30565: roll back to previous version of TBB - saved logins and tabs lost after tor
browser bundle upgrade (8.5)
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 Keywords:  tbb-8.5-issues, tbb-regression,      |  Actual Points:
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Comment (by gk):

 Replying to [comment:22 tw64_pass]:
 > VERY SIMILAR (& related) ISSUE (seems to be a somewhat deeper root cause
 at work here):
 > new/clean install of
 > torbrowser-install-win64-8.5_en-US.exe
 > about:preferences#privacy
 > Forms & Passwords
 > ON    Remember logins and passwords for websites
 > Saved Logins ALWAYS STAY blank/empty
 > History
 > Use custom settings for history
 > OFF   Always use private browsing mode
 > OFF   Remember my browsing and download history
 > OFF   Remember search and form history
 > ON    Clear history when Tor Browser closes (all 7 suboptions ON)
 > security.nocertdb = true (box to save the password does not appear at
 > security.nocertdb = false (box does appear, but password is not saved)
 > 32-bit version (at least 8.0.8) works properly ...
 > Thanks for looking into this.
 > ---
 > JUST TO ADD (for torbrowser-install-win64-8.5_en-US.exe):
 > logins.json is being written to/populated, but every/each site has
 multiple "id":
 > created (seems one for each/every login) with new/different "guid":
 > ---
 > ---
 > FURTHER ADDITION (for torbrowser-install-win64-8.5_en-US.exe):
 > replaced key4.db, logins.json with working ones from 32-bit version --
 works OK
 > for already saved sites, anything added/new is NOT WORKING AT ALL
 > please also see #30209
 > (logins.json data is added unencrypted, maybe that's why people have
 problems with saved login data)
 > ---

 Please file a different ticket with clear steps to reproduce your problem.
 This ticket already contains two different bug reports and adding a third
 one does not make it easier for us to work on it, thanks!

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