[tbb-bugs] #30429 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Rebase Tor Browser patches for Firefox ESR 68

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Tue May 28 13:48:15 UTC 2019

#30429: Rebase Tor Browser patches for Firefox ESR 68
 Reporter:  gk                        |          Owner:  tbb-team
     Type:  task                      |         Status:  new
 Priority:  Very High                 |      Milestone:
Component:  Applications/Tor Browser  |        Version:
 Severity:  Normal                    |     Resolution:
 Keywords:  TorBrowserTeam201905      |  Actual Points:
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Comment (by acat):

 Using commits `47aefe747950..e9b8de8c8d6a` from tor-

 Most of the desktop patches are rebased in https://github.com/acatarineu

 Below you can find the list commits/patches split into several
 "categories". Order of commits was not preserved in all cases, but the set
 of the commits of all categories below should be the same as above

 In that branch there is a WIP #10760 commit adding the browser parts of
 the torbutton integration, and also temp. moving the torbutton submodule
 to a WIP branch https://github.com/acatarineu/torbutton/tree/10760. This
 of course will have to change once/if torbutton migration proposal is
 approved and #10760 changes accepted. Most (or all?) torbutton features
 should be working with this.

 I'm currently building with `mach build && mach package` and disabling
 tor-launcher (`--disable-tor-launcher`), since AFAIK it would still not
 work without #29197. I could also not run tbb-tests (although I did not
 try very hard yet). To launch Tor, I'm doing it manually with
 tor HashedControlPassword $(tor --quiet --hash-password mypassword)
 SocksPort 9150 ControlPort 9151 HTTPTunnelPort 0 DataDirectory

 then launching the built browser with
 TOR_CONTROL_PASSWD='"mypassword"' ./firefox

 NoScript addon can be manually installed (and enabled on private windows,
 see #28896) and then security levels UI should work fine.

 Some TODOs:

 * Port tor-launcher to 68: at least #29197, perhaps more.
 * Integrate in tor-browser-build: is the toolchain ready? would it "just
 work" to change the firefox repo to point to this one?
 * Be able to run tbb-tests (and make them green).
 * Updater: will mcs/brade work on these?
 * Onboarding: as described in #28822, this needs to be ported, since
 onboarding (bootstrapped) extension is not there anymore. I could take a
 look at this one.
 * Onion security expectations: a couple of patches, depending on
 availability, perhaps pospeselr could work on these?
 * Decide what to do with patches from #28711.
 * Verify 'might not be needed' patches.
 * Backport https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1330467 or wait if
 it's included in 68.
 * Android: should we do this after desktop patches? here or in a separate

 == [rebased]
 724044f7deae Bug 28044: Integrate Tor Launcher into tor-browser
 7b9d68ac9f9a Bug 28369: stop shipping pingsender executable
 b5ce43598da9 Bug 27503: Disabling accessibility on Windows breaks screen
 350fb9de802c Bug 25658: Replace security slider with security level UI
 784829dd21ce Bug 29120: Enable media cache in memory
 4791a84c69f2 Bug 28885: notify users that update is downloading
 0db452ba7d90 Bug 12885: Windows Jump Lists fail for Tor Browser
 9a64fd2b6786 Bug 25702: Update Tor Browser icon to follow design
 guidelines ---[Notes: app.update.download.backgroundInterval is not there
 anymore; this changes onboarding assets]
 000879d8c0d6 Bug 27623 - Export MOZILLA_OFFICIAL during desktop builds
 cf13c54c3725 Bug 26146: Spoof HTTP User-Agent header for desktop platforms
 ---[Move to pref overrides?]
 ae2a89c7e1e7 Bug 26048: potentially confusing "restart to update" message
 ---[Did not find a simple way to do this with Fluent, so reused another
 DTD entitity that is still there...]
 6bcc9d3aea2d Bug 24056: Use en-US strings in HTML forms
 e8833081b428 Bug 27082: enable a limited UITour
 f6cfb16dcbab Bug 26514 - intermittent updater failures on Win64 (Error 19)
 dcb5386e668d Bug 26353: Prevent speculative connect that violated FPI.
 898b402c2458 Bug 26045: Add new MAR signing keys
 1ef28dca0a8f Bug 21537: Tests for secure .onion cookies
 d5cf5a3f1e89 Bug 21537: Mark .onion cookies as secure
 97237186c6b5 Bug 22548: Firefox downgrades VP9 videos to VP8.
 0a793927d7b0 Bug 23104: Add a default line height compensation
 8ccd532c1007 Bug 21830: Copying large text from web console leaks to /tmp
 75ea009946e5 Bug 21321: Add test for .onion whitelisting
 7fe43a8ecdeb Bug 21431: Clean-up system extensions shipped in Firefox 52
 a347487a1d1e Bug 16285: Exclude ClearKey system for now ---[There's a new
 MOZ_EME_WIN32_ARTIFACT, it should not be enabled.]
 7162a6dd03b1 Bug 21907: Fix runtime error on CentOS 6 ---[It seems CentOS
 6 is supported until Nov 2020, so this is still needed]
 e92cd56ed887 Bug 21849: Don't allow SSL key logging
 7586806f59e4 Bug #5741: Prevent WebSocket DNS leak. ---[Uplifted, but
 there are bugzillas 1470411, 1361337, 896206, ...]
 08be04a55490 Bug 14970: Don't block our unsigned extensions
 169496549650 Omnibox: Add DDG, Startpage, Disconnect, Youtube, Twitter;
 remove Amazon, eBa.. ---[Forcing legacy xml in Desktop, instead of new
 93c05f56d671 Bug 16940: After update, load local change notes. --- Moved
 AboutTBUpdate.jsm to AboutTBUpdateChild.jsm, extending ActorChild
 (followed pattern used internally). This seems to be loading blank
 about:tor pages and about:tbupdate on startup. Perhaps some missing prefs?
 c6843493db5a Bug 21724: Make Firefox and Tor Browser distinct macOS apps
 85334a982084 Bug 18912: add automated tests for updater cert pinning
 cc8dc68c600d Bug 11641: change TBB directory structure to be more like
 055498dc6885 Bug 9173: Change the default Firefox profile directory to be
 1a096da1e527 Bug 19890: Disable installation of system addons
 2828385c7e2a Bug 19273: Avoid JavaScript patching of the external app
 helper dialog.
 1f1780afa6c9 Bug 18923: Add a script to run all Tor Browser specific tests
 e0bf4a7a6e8c Regression tests for #2874: Block Components.interfaces from
 86bab99e16bf Bug 18821: Disable libmdns for Android and Desktop
 742d0c9459c8 Bug 18800: Remove localhost DNS lookup in nsProfileLock.cpp
 6a3afe512b84 Bug 18799: disable Network Tickler
 1e91414fac09 Bug 16620: Clear window.name when no referrer sent
 190e9e67f67e Bug 16441: Suppress "Reset Tor Browser" prompt.
 04c01de92591 Bug 14392: Make about:tor behave like other initial pages.
 548e81f875d1 Bug 2176: Rebrand Firefox to TorBrowser
 5d5e7469b211 Bug 18995: Regression test to ensure CacheStorage is disabled
 in private brows..
 d5b09650a06f Regression tests for "Omnibox: Add DDG, Startpage,
 Disconnect, Youtube, Twitte..
 2a7fa9ec659c Regression tests for TB4: Tor Browser's Firefox preference
 1f9d6925f3d3 Regression tests for Bug #2950: Make Permissions Manager
 61d4f80ab517 Bug 12620: TorBrowser regression tests folder
 5f4a2625e699 Bug 14631: Improve profile access error msgs (strings).
 568ef8aa5967 Bug 14631: Improve profile access error messages.
 b6da0f584d7b Bug 13028: Prevent potential proxy bypass cases.
 2eb11a17e593 Bug 16439: remove screencasting code. --- [Investigate, is
 'secondscreen/RokuApp.jsm' and 'secondscreen/SimpleServiceDiscovery.jsm'
 only used in Android now? or is there a different mechanism for desktop?]
 d243f5affabc Bug 2874: Block Components.interfaces from content --- [Now
 done via pref.]
 38dc17f97c8a Bug 12974: Disable NTLM and Negotiate HTTP Auth ---
 [Uplifted, but we might still want this.]
 da77d1390e7b Bug 10280: Don't load any plugins into the address space.
 1380ffc86035 Bug 8312: Remove "This plugin is disabled" barrier.
 07fe87a26867 Bug 3547: Block all plugins except flash.
 3bdb29524b80 Bug 26321: New Circuit and New Identity menu items
 05c7fdec8e51 Bug 28640 - Try showing the homepage after the Distribution
 e6f469366c70 Bug 28640 - Reload distribution preferences on update
 aa6704c5c5a7 Bug 28640 - Uninstall torbutton in the user profile on
 d9446943c73a Bug 25013: Add torbutton as a tor-browser submodule
 8c146581a741 TB4: Tor Browser's Firefox preference overrides.
 47aefe747950 TB3: Tor Browser's official .mozconfigs. --- [commented out
 --disable-maintenance-service in .mozconfig, only for Windows?]

 == [TODO updater -> Pearl Crescent?]
 f3f4fcf25d43 Bug 13379: Sign our MAR files.
 657ffb296498 Bug 4234: Use the Firefox Update Process for Tor Browser.
 477911c58292 Bug 19121: reinstate the update.xml hash check
 b5be160897af Bug 19121: reinstate the update.xml hash check
 29951f9c779c Bug 18900: updater doesn't work on Linux (cannot find
 60e7b5b78e87 Bug 13252: Do not store data in the app bundle

 == [TODO onboarding -> to be ported in 28822 - Note: 25702 also touches
 some onboarding file]
 d92980f74016 Bug 29768: Introduce new features to users
 523a66a1affa Bug 27486 Avoid about:blank tabs when opening onboarding
 ee4f40d85a8b Bug 26962 - implement new features onboarding (part 1).
 98b1707f1930 Bug 26961: New user onboarding.

 == [TODO onion security expectations]
 988d41acfaca Bug 26456: HTTP .onion sites inherit previous page's
 certificate information
 651e4ef7de3e Bug 23247: Communicating security expectations for .onion

 == [TODO waiting for 1330467 to reland]
 f47cd2fb5288 Bug 21569: Add first-party domain to Permissions key
 3298251467df Bug 26670: Make canvas permission respect FPI

 == [TODO not landed firefox patches from #28711 - update and do 'try'
 7afe16fd6d27 Bug 1474659 Part 2 - Add dedicated AllocKinds just for
 ArrayBufferObjects. r?s.. ---[GC code changed, would be good to update
 patch and do 'try' to check breakage]
 2beafe9bd417 Bug 1474659 Part 1 - Add support to EnumSet for more than 32
 values. r?sfink ---[Changes for this part seem not to be needed anymore]

 == [DROP not needed]
 e9b8de8c8d6a Updating Torbutton to 2.1.9
 9e2fca791f62 Pull in latest Torbutton code
 19963a38e431 Pulling in new Torbutton release
 2170968a8e1e Pulling in latest Torbutton code (2.1.6)
 76c0ea886161 Pull in latest Torbutton code
 1b10f5a8d841 Picking up latest Torbutton changes
 e20342fe5080 Update Torbutton to 2.1.4
 67bbd0703b2d Import latest Torbutton commits
 44d088130f66 Picking up latest Torbutton commits
 67eb148067ba Update Torbutton submodule
 40212baaea92 Revert "Bug 29445: Enable support for enterprise policies"
 6643872049b8 Bug 29445: Enable support for enterprise policies
 934d12f1de17 Include <cstring> for memcmp in certverifier/Buffer.cpp

 == [DROP? might not be needed -> check]
 8ee45ee52355 Bug 27411: Security Slider breaks on Windows --- [Message
 passing to noscript webext was changed, might not be an issue now]
 65bbebea18a8 Bug 14716: HTTP Basic Authentication prompt only displayed
 once --- [Could not reproduce, seems to be working now without the patch]
 1711b3160e3b Bug 26381: about:tor page does not load on first start on
 Windows and  browser..
 09f0faa4dea6 Bug 26381: about:tor page does not load on first start on
 Windows ---[In case this is still needed, squash?]
 7d0bb93e5c4b Bug 24398: Plugin-container process exhausts memory ---[This
 was needed because of 24052, but we now have mozilla 1412081 -> check]
 603397b01823 Bug 27597: Package dom_bindings_test only with tests enabled
 0ce33b09b33f Bug 27597: Package layout debugger interface only if tests
 are enabled
 1d2a9f3f1e8e Bug 29180: MAR download stalls when about dialog is opened
 ---[Previous logic of pause/restart download is not there or changed,
 should check if we are good without this patch.]

 == [DROP uplifted]
 41f620e4a0a3 Bug 13398: at startup, browser gleans user FULL NAME (real
 name, given name) f..
 091b41ec2465 Bug 21787: Spoof en-US for date picker
 34063061f825 Bug 26540: Enabling pdfjs disableRange option prevents pdfs
 from loading
 c894688d4924 Bug 25909: disable updater telemetry

 == [DROP included in 68]
 d3072ff444c2 Bug 1548634 - Update the default letterboxing behavior to use
 stepped ranges r..
 120eaaa6cff8 Bug 1407366 - Part 5: Reset the Zoom in
 8efd394db5e7 Bug 1407366 - Part 4: Adding a test case for testing
 letterboxing. r=johannh
 8aea5fe0df54 Bug 1407366 - Part 3: Implementing the window letterboxing.
 9d0e645be52e Bug 1447592 Do not reset the Spoof English pref after
 disabling Resist Fingerp..
 dcaabab69579 Bug 1407366 - Part 2: Rearrange RFPHelper for expansion
 32eb8a433e88 Bug 1407366 - Part 1: Rename the LanguagePrompt.jsm to
 RFPHelper.jsm and chang..
 6d6441e5a79b Bug 1441327 - Allow for seccomp filtering of
 socket(AF_INET/AF_INET_6) calls o..
 78c2ae1d57f7 Bug 1463509 - SOCKS support for Alternative Services
 fa1eb8174ad6 Bug 859782 - Firefox cannot start without /proc (chroot).
 084a76168f4d Bug 1470156 - Part 2: Fixing the crashing problem when using
 an invalid charac..
 fa942f8b1bb6 Bug 1470156 - Part 1: Adding a test case for reassuring
 6e1290cfa0fc Bug 1473247 - Part 2: Add a test case for making sure that IP
 addresses can wo..
 754ba4bf02fb Bug 1473247 - Part 1: Fixing the issue that the IP addresses
 won't be set for ..
 ec18e05896a2 Bug 1459089 - Don't use OS Locale when resistFingerprinting
 is enabled. When t..
 9fc79a537c6a Bug 1455165 - Filter external apps out if needed. r=mcomella
 68220bda3a25 Bug 1474306 - Fix typo in the extension optionsType handler.
 7992cd827ac0 Bug 1459420 - HLS Player doesn't use the centralized Proxy
 Selector r=mcomella..
 7a794f5f8f1d Bug 1500906 - Suppress FileUriExposedExceptions when
 launching helper apps. r=..
 fa49a114636c Bug 1484472 - Avoid FileUriExposedException in
 4eb162e6193a Bug 1450449 - Part 5: Disable file:// URI checks for
 downloaded files and laun..
 3aa1d282f2df Bug 1450449 - Part 4: Starting from Nougat, install updates
 via content:// URI..
 14a82cb003c0 Bug 1450449 - Part 3: Starting from Nougat, share images via
 content:// URIs. ..
 aac358bdcb7f Bug 1450449 - Part 2: Use content:// URI for capturing images
 from FilePicker...
 85d06450d978 Bug 1450449 - Part 1: Add FileProvider. r=jchen
 e068c7bad5c4 Bug 1480079 - Add REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES permission for all
 builds; r=jchen
 27b6ce1f2833 Bug 1504159 - add test to verify we can save a mixed content
 image from the co..
 f2e586f93c2f Bug 1504159 - use TYPE_SAVEAS_DOWNLOAD for data saved through
 e806657ea618 Bug 1487263 - set requesting principal for macOS drags,
 ea930c8e6643 Bug 1473507 - fix crash in nsILoadInfo::GetOriginAttributes
 when passing no pr..
 bb22e0dc14f0 Bug 1473509 - store principal information with the URIs to
 avoid having to loc..
 b2fc4a61addb Bug 1469916, r=ckerschb,jkt
 bff72e9e644a Bug 1479311 - Don't attempt finding and highlighting a tab's
 base domain withi..
 17698434a0b4 Bug 1448305 - Fall back to the memory cache when a shortcut
 is created. r=JanH
 9540e5fdef8e Bug 1448305 - Avoid disk cache for icons of TwoLinePageRow in
 private tabs. r=..
 15b3db497834 Bug 1448305 - Avoid disk cache for icons of private tabs in
 the TabsLayoutItem..
 9dfbafa2b516 Bug 1448305 - Avoid disk cache for icons of private tab's
 session history. r=J..
 0b1088652aaf Bug 1448305 - Avoid disk cache for icons of private tabs.
 f6b82e518ce3 Bug 1441345 - Force the use of the Linux phishing list on
 Android. r=dimi, a=p..
 976a4cbc2b1b Bug 1458905 - Update to FreeType 2.9.1. r=jfkthame
 861997889d84 Bug 1448014 - avoid needless flattening in
 AndroidDecoderModule; r=jesup
 74855fb47cf5 Bug 680300 - Part 3: Make the client.navigate() not to
 reference the baseURL i..
 3cd98a889ec7 Bug 680300 - Part 2: Add a test case for ensuring no error
 reporting when load..
 8d4eb7e0ef61 Bug 680300 - Part 1: Stopping reporting errors when loading
 an unknown externa..
 676b2190104d Bug 1472618 - Make navigator.platform return "Win32", even on
 Win64 OS. r=peterv
 eec5a116ea35 Bug 1463936 - Set default security.pki.name_matching_mode to
 enforce (3) for a..
 062853dd3527 Bug 1503354 - Disable background HTTP response throttling for
 causing visible ..
 118d51a33bdf Bug 1474626 - fix timestamp test and values, r=rpl
 defb067c6cb0 Bug 1471959 - leave keaGroupName and signatureSchemeName
 undefined if value is..
 a0d6857913c4 Bug 1470516 - remove or fix localized values in securityInfo,
 e274fb6e4a68 Bug 1464481 - fix and test crash when getting registered
 channelwrapper, r=kmag
 3c0773d98af7 Bug 1322748 add securityInfo to webRequest listeners,
 a91cf4cd69fd Bug 1322748 add ability to get registered channelwrappers,
 cf3c165c7d22 Bug 1516642 - Add a function declaration for arc4random_buf
 in expat. r=peterv
 fa7548c07486 Bug 1542309 - Set firstPartyDomain to public suffix if
 getBaseDomain fails. r=..

 == [TODO android]
 43582f5809cf Bug 29859: Disable HLS support for now
 34e52459b150 Bug 29982 - Force single-pane UI on Tor Preferences
 6cba968b5a7e Bug 30136: Use 'Tor Browser' as brand name on mobile, too
 321bba05d203 Bug 30239 - Render Fragments after crash
 22e72c1e7716 Bug 30214 - Kill background thread when Activity is null
 75dcaffedcee Bug 30086 - Prevent Sync-related crashes on Android
 545db499b0c7 Bug 28622: Update Tor Browser icon for mobile
 b563b207c38c Bug 29238 - Prevent crash on Android after update
 323ebe2ca2d4 Bug 28329 - Part 4. Add new Tor Bootstrapping and
 configuration screens
 79c9b8acba0b Bug 28329 - Part 3. Remove OrbotActivity dependency
 dd3f22090e52 Bug 28329 - Part 2. Implement checking if the Tor service is
 fe784a8284e5 Bug 28329 - Part 1. Add new Tor resources
 a195c7180350 Bug 28507 - Don't call Push and Sync services during Sanitize
 f6f8859b3891 Bug 26690: Port padlock states for .onion services to mobile
 722afbb6c5c6 Bug 28051 - Use Orbot's notification-builder wrapper class
 8436a9443fde Bug 28051 - Stop the background service when we're quitting
 464c03696814 Bug 28051 - Use our Orbot for proxying our connections
 a0b886f177d8 Bug 28051 - Launch Orbot if it isn't running in the
 a5e24cd02c8e Bug 28051 - Integrate Orbot and add dependencies
 39316ccaedbb Bug 28507: Implement fallback to delete private data in the
 browser startup
 b0b54ec7c7a0 Bug 28507: Add prefs that allow the browser to delete
 browsing history by defa..
 894c64799812 Bug 28507: Parse a set of strings in Android Set Preferences
 e860dd77665d Bug 27125 - Move localized Tor Browser for Android strings
 into separate file
 06f9c75d7725 Bug 27111: Configure tor browser for mobile to load about:tor
 28a2ea997ba0 Bug 28125 - Prevent non-Necko network connections
 878c9536c888 Bug 27472 - Export MOZILLA_OFFICIAL during Android build
 826e0934adb4 Bug 27400 - Target Android API 26
 cb63b9e84081 Bug 27473 - Change app name on Android for Alpha version
 6177eef07093 Bug 25696 - Design of alpha onboarding for Tor Browser for
 8e272a5204e2 Bug 25696 - Implement alpha onboarding for Tor Browser for
 2c08bd6d5df5 Bug 24796 - Comment out excess permissions from GeckoView
 1bd41f99acd1 Bug 26825 - Delete RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED permission
 9023dea11376 Bug 26826 - Disable tab queue and delete SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW
 350766eecb63 Bug 25906 - Imply false both Adjust and Leanplum configure
 9312fdf1ac53 Bug 27016 - Create proxy connection during image download
 bff13bd887c3 Bug 26528 - Don't allow Fennec to use UpdateService when
 installed through the..
 9b218c05cecc Orfox: hook up default panic trigger to "quit and clear"
 80b18b10f092 Orfox: quit button added
 f1c13fc12685 Orfox: disable screenshots and prevent page from being in
 "recent apps"
 e96b86f7a6f6 Bug 25741 - TBA: Disable GeckoNetworkManager
 ffcc8cefd762 Bug 25741 - TBA: Adjust the User Agent String so it doesn't
 leak Android version
 0e4ae4cbd11a Bug 25741 - TBA: top sites changed, used bookmarks icon
 6e806c3cb9ed Orfox: Centralized proxy applied to AbstractCommunicator and
 433766efba25 Orfox: add BroadcastReceiver to receive Tor status from Orbot
 41b333e3a9d3 Orfox: NetCipher enabled, checks if orbot is installed
 d073b92b20ba Bug 25741 - TBA: Neuter Firefox Accounts
 f96dc4c9ae4d Bug 25741 - TBA: Only include GCM permissions if we want them
 e8f22d0b795e Bug 25741 - TBA: Only include Firefox Account permissions if
 we want them
 6299c89034d3 Bug 25741 - TBA: Always Quit, do not restore the last session
 a66bd47fd601 Bug 25741 - TBA: Disable all data reporting by default
 eebbebcb7010 Bug 25741 - TBA: Clear state when the app exits, by default
 0820ddf07093 Bug 25741 - TBA: Do not import bookmarks and history from
 native browser by de..
 8839bac75801 Bug 25741 - TBA: Do not save browsing history by default
 3531fb88ab73 Bug 25741 - TBA: Move CAMERA permission within MOZ_WEBRTC
 c910edef7833 Bug 25741 - TBA: Conditionally require *_LOCATION permissions
 d2fa5a6928bf Bug 25741 - TBA: Conditionally require WIFI and NETWORK
 f90df9c52d2d Bug 25741 - TBA: Disable QR Code reader by default
 b6584da608bf Bug 25741 - TBA: Disable the microphone by default
 92959f9de719 Bug 25741 - TBA: Disable telemetry and experiments
 e4ea4bf5fbfd Bug 25741 - TBA: Remove sync option from preferences
 7122131c88d9 Bug 25741 - TBA: Add mobile-override of 000-tor-browser prefs
 39979b254f2c Bug 25741 - TBA: Add default configure options in dedicated
 d9b6b1116a67 Bug 25741 - TBA: Do not register Stumbler listener at start
 765b0fb6cdee Bug 25741 - TBA: Add an AppConstant for TOR_BROWSER_VERSION
 de5d9f3c4f83 Bug 25741 - TBA: Disable features at compile-time
 2e75b845a93f Bug 25741 - TBA: Add mozconfig for Android and pertinent
 branding files.
 b4aef2103fef Bug 25741 - TBA: Move GCM Push prefs within preprocessor
 db59d0ef5a5b Bug 25741 - TBA: Exclude unwanted Stumbler tests

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