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#30237: Tor Browser: Improve TBB UI of hidden service client authorization
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Comment (by antonela):

 We talked a bit about the notification prompt, and I think it is a
 possible solution. It works per site, and the key icon is straightforward
 to identify for end-users as a password need. The downside of it is how
 confusing it is when the public key is not a password. And, as mentioned
 in [[comment:6]] prompts are usually optional. If a user cancels the
 prompt, will we render an error page? How can we allow users to recover
 from that flow to successfully add a key and access the website?.

 attachment/ticket/30237/30237-prompt.1.png, 700px)]]

 The primary use of the password manager notification is for saving
 passwords. Therefore, are we going to allow users to save their used key?.
 Logins in Firefox has two general settings in Preferences. The first will
 enable users to remember logins for sites, and the second allows users to
 use or not a master password. What happens if users have "Remember logins
 for sites" disabled? What happens if users are using a master password?

 Mixing private keys and passwords seems a complicated idea.

 We can still use the notification doorhanger UI, tho. We need to be
 careful about to mimic the password behavior for a different flow. We
 should consider a scenario when the input fails, or the users have
 disabled the prompts at the General Preferences. If we allow users to re-
 use their saved key, we will need a specific section at Preferences to
 manage the saved private keys.


 When I realized about the sad error recovering flow that the native HTTP
 Auth box is offering [[comment:1]],  I also thought about to take over the
 DOM via an XHTML page. Back then, I made a mockup of it. The main question
 remains in how spoofable it is from a random website.

 attachment/ticket/30237/30237-xhtml.1.png, 700px)]]


 So, we have four routes for this UI implementation:

 1. an HTTP Auth UI + custom errors
 2. a notification doorhanger
 3. a XHTML page
 4. a custom modal

 Which of them is more comfortable for users to understand what is the task
 there? Which of them can empower users to recover from an error? Which of
 them allow users to re-use their key? From the development perspective,
 which of these options is good enough for managing errors, scalable, and
 doable in the timeframe we have set for this scope?

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