[tbb-bugs] #30600 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Restore NoScript control widget icon to the Tor Browser toolbar

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Fri May 24 07:02:15 UTC 2019

#30600: Restore NoScript control widget icon to the Tor Browser toolbar
 Reporter:  cypherpunks  |          Owner:  tbb-team
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 In Tor Browser 8.5, the NoScript control widget icon that previously (in
 8.0.9) was in the toolbar has disappeared.

 It can manually be re-added by right-clicking the toolbar, selecting
 "Customize..." and dragging the NoScript icon back to the toolbar.

 Even in "Standard" security mode, many websites break without fiddling
 with permissions in the NoScript widget.  In "Safest" security mode,
 nearly all websites break without (sometimes substantial) fiddling with
 permissions in the NoScript widget.

 Why this is a problem:
 The user story for re-enabling the NoScript widget in the toolbar is so
 obscure that it is unlikely more than, say, 10% of the user base will
 understand how to do so.

 What's more, without a big red icon to click, many users will not
 understand why a website breaks, and will simply abandon Tor Browser; they
 won't understand that they *should* fiddle with the toolbar and add the
 NoScript widget so they can fiddle with script permissions.

 Finally, some users who previously used "Safest" security mode will not
 understand why their old flow is broken, and will resort to browsing on
 "Standard" mode, reducing the overall practical level of security.

 Call to action:
 The NoScript widget icon should be re-added to the Tor Browser toolbar by

 I would also appreciate a pointer to the list archives or other
 documentation of how this change came to be in the first place.

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