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#26844: TBA: Investigate/Setup Fastlane
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Comment (by sysrqb):

 Replying to [comment:14 gk]:
 > Okay, that almost fell through the cracks (I am filtering all the
 reviews by the TorBrowserTeamYYYYMMR keyword), but here we are:
 > 1) `README`
 > s/fastlast/fastlane/
 > 2) `2015539345.txt`
 > s/Tor Browser for Android/Tor Browser/g

 These are old changelogs (the changelogs we originally published with the
 releases). I don't think we should (basically) change history at this

 > 3) Why do we have the Changelog for 8.5a9 and 8.5a10 twice (and we
 should add the Changelog for 8.5a11)
 > basically

 There is one changelog per apk per release - so one for armv7 and another
 for x86. I only created one for the entire release, but it seems Google
 used that changelog and automatically created one for each apk.

 > 4) `full_description.txt`
 > There are some trailing whitespaces that are superfluous
 > s/Tor Browser for Android/Tor Browser/
 > I think the "Known issue:" is fixed as well as the note that we need


 > 5) `icon.png`
 > That's the old icon. We have new ones, thanks to #28622.


 > 6) `title.txt`
 > s/Tor Browser for Android/Tor Browser


 > 7) `TBA Welcome Page at 3x.png`
 > Should we update that and the @1 and @2 versions to contain the
 newsletter signup line as well which we have since #29035?

 I created #29834 for this. I think we can update them later.

 > 8) `File:Lead Image - Full Color.svg`
 > That image still has the Sketch metadata in it (`<!-- Generator: Sketch
 51.2 (57519) - http://www.bohemiancoding.com/sketch -->`). Let's remove

 Thanks for noticing this. Removed.

 > 9) General
 > That's for the alpha releases right now. We should probably integrate
 the respective icon and text for the stable one as well given that we want
 to have different series. Not sure how that works, though.

 Yes, I see two options here. The first option is we follow tor-browser-
 build and create one branch per series (`master`, `maint-8.5`, `nightly`
 (?)). The second option is only using the master branch and creating a
 different `fastlane/` directory for each series, e.g. `fastlane_stable/`,
 `fastlane_alpha/`, `fastlane_nightly/`. Actually, if we use the second
 option, then we can create a common directory as `fastlane/` or
 `fastlane_shared/` where all of the shared files are stored (like the
 descriptions) and then we can create symlinks from both
 `image_repository/` and `fastlane/` in each series, as needed, for all
 shared resources.

 I can begin this in the next patch.

 I pushed a fixup commit on `bug26844_0`.

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