[tbb-bugs] #30565 [Applications/Tor Browser]: roll back to previous version of TBB - saved logins and tabs lost after tor browser bundle upgrade (8.5)

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Wed May 22 19:25:23 UTC 2019

#30565: roll back to previous version of TBB - saved logins and tabs lost after tor
browser bundle upgrade (8.5)
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Comment (by rollback-question):

 flipping security.nocertdb to false fixed the issue on both instances,
 logins and passwords appear again and functionality is again normal

 thank you very much to all for your help and specially to acat for the
 detailed explanation and the patch

 the issue with the tabs still persists on the first TBB i upgraded, not
 only after upgrading but also if i restart or kill the tor browser now (i
 tried many times). the browser history is here, but tabs are never
 recovered and only a plain tor tab is shown. it makes no difference if i
 exit cleanly (quit the program) or if i kill it. what is strange is that
 the second TBB i upgraded on a different PC doesn't have the issue and
 tabs are recovered from before the upgrade (and also new tabs opened after
 the upgrade)

 i have tried copying Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Browser/profile.default to a
 fresh install of a version 8.0.9 and i get an error related to the TBB
 upgrade but i can open new tabs that get recovered on restart - just not
 the older ones, these seem to have been lost

 i wish there was an easy way to roll back to a previous version for such
 situations, or at least know what directories should be copied to make a
 manual backup and if it's safe to overwrite a new install with them to
 restore the backup (of course it would be also nice to have an option to
 "export" or backup all local settings, history, passwords, etc from the
 tor browser GUI itself). i only have a 1 year old "full directory" backup
 which is too old :( but that is my fault

 again thanks everyone for the help!

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