[tbb-bugs] #10760 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Integrate TorButton to TorBrowser core to prevent users from disabling it

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Mon May 20 13:22:30 UTC 2019

#10760: Integrate TorButton to TorBrowser core to prevent users from disabling it
 Reporter:  Rezonansowy                          |          Owner:  tbb-
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                                                 |  needs_revision
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Comment (by anonym):

 Replying to [comment:43 intrigeri]:
 > Replying to [comment:42 mcs]:
 > > Replying to [comment:41 intrigeri]:
 > > > Good catch! Indeed, Tor Launcher as we currently run it has no
 Torbutton extension available. I don't know what would happen if it had.
 Should I try, or would the results of testing the standalone XUL app be
 moot anyway?
 > >
 > > Probably it would not hurt to try.
 > I'm afraid I don't know where I should put the Torbutton extension in
 the tree resulting from unpacking tor-launcher at torproject.org.xpi. Any

 It should be extracted into the ''profile's''
 `extensions/torbutton at torproject.org` folder. I tested this (by making
 Tails' `/usr/local/bin/tor-browser` script extracting the xpi into the
 right place) and after Tor Launcher exited I could see in its `prefs.js`
 that the `extensions.torbutton.startup` pref was set, which I interpret as
 Torbutton successfully loading. And I could connect to the Tor network
 fine (both with and without bridges), so there seems to be no problem.

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