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#30531: WebGL antialiasing support enabled iff. OpenGL is supported
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 With Tor Browser 8.5-build2, we see 2 different WebGL fingerprints on
 panopticlick: 2ef68bcd75e09a41aea04bae556f3ecc on bare metal and in VMs
 that support OpenGL acceleration, f9a0f737691a9b57f5294121fc58a2df in VMs
 that don't support OpenGL acceleration.

 Quoting segfault (from
 https://redmine.tails.boum.org/code/issues/16337#note-61) who investigated
 this further:

 "I looked at the JS code used by panopticlick to calculate this hash, and
 printed the values which go into the hash. The only difference I could
 find is that antialiasing is enabled iff OpenGL is enabled. (That's
 exposed via the antialias bool of gl.getContextAttributes(), see

 Impact: 1 bit of fingerprinting; risk: nowadays I would assume the huge
 majority of bare metal systems that can run TB have OpenGL, but most VMs
 haven't (unless geeky configuration is done, which is a minority). So it's
 roughly equivalent to splitting the anonymity set between VMs and bare
 metal, I'd say.

 GeKo says:

 > i guess we could think about making the antialiasing info uniform
 > like, just saying "no"

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