[tbb-bugs] #10760 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Integrate TorButton to TorBrowser core to prevent users from disabling it

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Mon May 13 19:11:22 UTC 2019

#10760: Integrate TorButton to TorBrowser core to prevent users from disabling it
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Comment (by mcs):

 Replying to [comment:35 acat]:
 > I made a draft proposal here:

 It is exciting to see this moving forward. A few comments on the proposal:
 * In the section 3.2 title, please replace `Tor Launcher` with
 * (related to comment:29 and following) Although the Torbutton code in its
 current form may not be around for too much longer, it seems strange to me
 that the Tor Launcher and Torbutton code won't be located near each other
 in the source tree or in the final package.  I think other people will be
 surprised too. Should we relocate the Torbutton or Tor Launcher code, or
 not worry about this? I will leave the final decision to Georg.
 * Can you explain what the issues are r.e. new identity (mentioned near
 the end of section 3.5.3)? Probably that deserves its own ticket
 * For localization (section 4) we should think about how to support
 language packs.  With Tor Launcher, we chose to continue to package all of
 the locales so that installing a language pack would continue to work.  If
 we are only going to ship one locale, then we need to also create a plan
 for shipping modified language packs (to include the Torbutton strings).
 * Regarding ideas like moving to Fluent or enforcing Mozilla's coding
 style, we should have separate tickets for those things (especially since
 doing either at the same time as other work will make reviewing the
 integration changes much more difficult).

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