[tbb-bugs] #30304 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Browser locale can be obtained via DTD strings

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Mon May 13 08:51:31 UTC 2019

#30304: Browser locale can be obtained via DTD strings
 Reporter:  acat                                 |          Owner:  tbb-
                                                 |  team
     Type:  defect                               |         Status:
                                                 |  needs_review
 Priority:  High                                 |      Milestone:
Component:  Applications/Tor Browser             |        Version:
 Severity:  Normal                               |     Resolution:
 Keywords:  tbb-fingerprinting                   |  Actual Points:
  TorBrowserTeam201905R, ff68-esr                |
Parent ID:                                       |         Points:
 Reviewer:                                       |        Sponsor:
Changes (by gk):

 * keywords:  tbb-fingerprinting TorBrowserTeam201905R => tbb-fingerprinting
     TorBrowserTeam201905R, ff68-esr


 Replying to [comment:4 acat]:
 > Updated patch: https://github.com/acatarineu/tor-browser/commit/30304+1.
 Took `PrincipalAllowsL10n` function from the checks for new localization
 system (Fluent) https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-
 and applied to DTD URI loads.

 I think we should not just copy the method but just have one in the tree
 and make all caller using that one (as you did in your patch for mozilla-
 central). Apart from that this looks fine to me (although I have not
 tested the fix yet)

 > Still, in central applying this will require fixing some things breaking
 due to some internal UI changes, but in ESR60 I did not see anything break
 so far. I think it would be ok to apply, but not sure if we want to wait
 for some progress on the bugzilla before.

 So, this fix won't very likely make it into Tor Browser 8.5 and thus in no
 ESR 60 based stable release. Therefore, I am inclined to just fix it on
 ESR 68 and get it early on into our Tor Browser alpha builds based on that
 series (to iron out possible breakage). I am marking this ticket with
 `ff68-esr` to get it onto our radar.

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