[tbb-bugs] #30443 [Applications/Tor Browser]: NoScript still not working right, not sure if https everywhere is working right either, addons?

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Thu May 9 21:33:17 UTC 2019

#30443: NoScript still not working right, not sure if https everywhere is working
right either, addons?
 Reporter:  justmeee                  |          Owner:  tbb-team
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Comment (by justmeee):

 With the 8.0.9, i get the same results as the alpha 12.

 I have the security slider set to max/safest.

 The config i refer to is what was mentioned in the other ticket #30388:
 xpinstall.signatures.required... when that is set to False, the problem
 goes away and everything is working as before, but when set to True, it's
 buggy again and this did Not happen before the problems that prompted
 ticket 30388..

 Restarting, the results are the same in both... it will be correct maybe 5
 out of 6 times, but it is random, so it may be buggy on the first or the
 third or the 10th restart.  It is the same for both torbrowser versions.

 I don't know how to check if the https everywhere or other addons are
 working right, i don't have many, but if you tell me how to verify it in
 the display, NOT by what the settings are telling me but to see the actual
 result, then i can tell you if it's just noscript or all the addons
 because this was NOT a problem before the recent major addon crash of
 ticket #30388.

 The first obvious thing was the yahoo.  Going to mail.yahoo.com.  Before
 the addon crash of 30388, I would go straight to the login screen (shown
 in the attachments provided earlier).  Now, when it loads buggy, I get
 that other page first, the purple one also previously attached, where I
 then have to click in the above right "login" to get to the login page,
 and scripts are enabled even though everything says NoScript is working.
 I should never be getting that when addons are working.  This never
 happened even once before the 30388 crash, that's what i call the incident
 for easy reference.

 The second was the ghost images.. i'm attaching screen shot that shows the
 part of the object as it is Normally displayed when NS is working
 correctly, and with the ghost image behind it that it should be blocking
 when it does NOT work correctly.. again, this has NEVER happened before
 the 30388 problem, and it goes away and all things return to normal when i
 set that config to false...

 hence my conclusion that the patch is not working right.. and if you tell
 me what i can do to see if https is working right, not by looking at the
 item telling me if it's working because everything is telling me NS is
 working right even when it's not, it's the visual of the sites that tells
 me it's not working right...

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