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Sun May 5 12:29:14 UTC 2019

#30402: Expired Certificate and "Explore Privately"
 Reporter:  Crissy2    |          Owner:  tbb-team
     Type:  defect     |         Status:  new
 Priority:  Very High  |      Component:  Applications/Tor Browser
  Version:             |       Severity:  Critical
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 Preventing mark as duplicated: I have read #30388 bug.

 If an mandatory certificate expires (In Tor Browser, mozilla or any
 mandatory add-on, Tor Browser should **close all tabs** before disabling

 An add-on was disabled and... all run websites start grab my identifying
 data. The yellow bar information is not correct solution because i can be
 AFK (scripts continue running).

 **The correct solution: **
 If TorBrowser starts with bad certificate, there shall be visible:
 **"Something went wrong" instead of "Explore. Privately"**. Additionally
 there shall be shown description of reason if is known.

 If certificate becomes invalid during work, Tor Browser should close all
 tabs (**without** showing the ask "Do you really close this tab" etc.) and
 show the "Something went wrong" screen.

 **Disabling add-ons during work of TB is very silly idea if this add-on
 raises privacy** <facepalm>

 BTW. Why TBB has not built-in NoScript version that haven't to be

 **People still can download affected TBB without working NoScript.** The
 download link should stop to work or indicate a properly running version
 (also if alfa!!!)

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