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#28329: Design TBA+Orbot configuration UI/UX
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Comment (by antonela):

 comment:33 > That worked! Thanks!

 UI Review

 **1.0 / 2.0 - Bootstrapping**
 - The phone gets suspended during the bootstrapping, going black screen.
 It is probably a local configuration, but can we do something to avoid it?
 - The settings icon needs margin. And probably a better support for
 different screens dpi. Could we have a
 [https://material.io/tools/icons/?icon=settings&style=baseline SVG]?
 - I attached a quick screen elements measurements, maybe it helps to match
 the design with the development. Also, you can find a clickable one
 [https://marvelapp.com/4fcjj0e/screen/53905418/handoff here]

 attachment/ticket/28329/measurements.png, 700px)]]

 - Let me know how you want to work with the animation, I can give you the
 assets you need or maybe we want to try something different for this
 - Could we have Roboto Monospace font at the log screen? If we are keeping
 the out of the box material, [https://material.io/design/typography/the-
 type-system.html#type-scale Body2] seems the appropriate font-size :)

 **3.0 - Network Settings**
 - When the user switches the bridge on, let's first animate the switcher
 to on and then go to the second screen.
 - "You are using a bridge to connect to Tor" needs to fit in two lines and
 should replace "Config a bridge to connect to Tor" when the bridge is
 - Let's don't move users to the main screen right after they select a
 bridge. It's confusing. We can move them to the previous screen, or they
 can navigate back. I prefer the second option.
 - When users switch off, the "You are using a built-in bridge to connect
 to Tor" line needs to disappear. Even if that config is going to be
 persistent until the next switch on, let's hide it when the option is off
 to avoid confusion.

 **3.1 - Network Settings/Select a bridge**
 - Select a bridge needs left margin
 - The back arrow doesn't work, the bottom navigation one yes

 **3.1.1 - Network Settings/Provide a Bridge**
 - Enter Bridge needs left margin
 - The back arrow doesn't work, the bottom navigation one yes

 Can't wait for the next iteration. This work has been huge! We are almost

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