[tbb-bugs] #27845 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Tor Browser window height is is off by some pixels if bookmark toolbar and icons are available

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Mon Feb 25 14:43:19 UTC 2019

#27845: Tor Browser window height is is off by some pixels if bookmark toolbar and
icons are available
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Comment (by Thorin):

 I'm not a css junkie, but here goes: all on Windows7 (but I can test on
 Windows 10, and Linux if needed, but that shouldn't be needed)

 TB (new window each instance): no toolbar: always `1000x1000` | empty
 toolbar: always `1000x1000`
 - density can be normal, compact or touch
 - menubar can be on or off
 - extra drag space can be on or off
 - title bar can be on or off
 - theme can be light, dark or default

 Now add a no-named folder to the toolbar, i.e no text
 - in touch mode: = adds `8` pixels (making height e.g `992`)
 - in normal mode: = OK
 - in compact mode: = OK
 - I never tested touch mode before. I wrongly assumed folders couldn't
 cause a problem

 Now add some text to the folder name, OR add a site icon (no text), OR add
 text to site icon
 - in touch mode: = adds `8` pixels (to be expected since text increase is
 less than that)
 - in normal mode: = adds `4` pixels
 - in compact mode: = adds `2` pixels (making height e.g `998`)

 It's a combination of density, and whether or not text or a site icon
 exists as to how big the discrepancy is

 ## Solution

 As Samy pointed out (
 https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1418537#c3 )

 #PersonalToolbar toolbarbutton.bookmark-item:not(.subviewbutton) {
   padding-top: 0 !important;
   padding-bottom: 0 !important;

 Add that internally to the css (or uggh, create a userChrome.css). Tested
 on TB8 Win7 (should do the same thing for Mac)
 - blank toolbar: still 1000x1000
 - icon+text
   - normal = OK
   - compact = OK
   - touch = OK

 The only drawback is that it does take away the fat-fingers toolbar for
 touch. It also doesn't fully work on stable FF, so I suspect there have
 been other changes. I would consider this a decent patch until ESR68

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