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#28685: Tor Browser for Android needs a more dynamic Build ID
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Comment (by sysrqb):

 Replying to [comment:5 boklm]:
 > #19528 is the ticket where we added the `get-moz-build-date` script
 generating a build id based on the firefox version.
 > To solve the issue of two Tor Browser versions based on the same Firefox
 having the same build id, I think we could:
 > - use the Tor Browser version instead of the firefox version to generate
 a build id. I think the reason we did not do that was that it would make
 it harder to do #18325.
 > - Use the `tor-browser.git` commit date as the build id. This should fix
 the issue when a new release includes a new `tor-browser.git` commit,
 however it is still possible to have two releases with the same build id
 if they use the same `tor-browser.git` commit.
 > - Use the `tor-browser.git` commit date, and add to it the Tor Browser

 Hrm. #18325 is interesting. Android is the only platform where we want
 exactly what gk wants to avoid. Would it be crazy if we used a different
 buildid on desktop and Android? I see the benefit of having #18325, but
 considering on Android we can't install an update if it has the same
 buildid as the currently-installed version, we must bump the buildid for
 each release - regardless of whether the release changes any firefox code.

 Alternatively, we change how the Android versionCode is created for TBA.
 This will result in one more patch we carry for tor-browser, but then we
 can avoid the conflict with #18325 and maybe tor-browser-build can set the
 Android versionCode independently.

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