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Sat Feb 16 11:36:16 UTC 2019

#27955: wont let me load up tor at all
 Reporter:  Stealth266                |          Owner:  tbb-team
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Component:  Applications/Tor Browser  |        Version:  Tor: unspecified
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Comment (by paul):

 Hi guys,

 I've seen similar to this with torbrowser and discussed on the IRC chat.

 I *think* where
 calls bind and returns WSAEACCESS . Whilst there is a log_warn line here,
 this log attempt does not turn up in the browser log ( I managed to get
 this by running a system call tracer and see the text string getting
 passed around).

 From my irc logs:

 [23:03] <pa_> If i run firefox under a sys call tracer , that slows down
 the app enough that I can record the screen - the tor.exe console that
 opens goes:
 [23:03] <pa_> opening control listener on
 [23:03] <pa_> then goes could not bind : permission denied [WSAEACCES]
 [23:03] <pa_> then saisys it failed to parse the config and quits
 [23:04] <pa_> tcpview.exe says there's nothing on local port 9151
 [23:06] <pa_> but I can't tell if that happens when not under the tracer
 as it's too fast so doesn't render any text

 24 hours later and it's opening a control port fine - I'm thinking that
 something in windows defender or similar is kicking in and silently
 blocking it, although if that's the case, I didn't manage to work out what
 the other day.

 Whilst I can't tell if this is same bug as original reporter, there might
 be a good case here to raise a new bug that the log's are not turning up
 in the torbrowser logs [making it hard to spot this issue ;)]

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