[tbb-bugs] #29456 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Tor Browser Compleat fail, Zero Logs "lock out"

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Mon Feb 11 08:06:40 UTC 2019

#29456: Tor Browser Compleat fail, Zero Logs "lock out"
 Reporter:  Supreme                  |          Owner:  tbb-team
     Type:  defect                   |         Status:  new
 Priority:  High                     |      Component:  Applications/Tor
                                     |  Browser
  Version:  Tor:             |       Severity:  Blocker
 Keywords:  Tor Browser Fail Lock    |  Actual Points:
  Out Update Linux OS Parrot         |
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 As a daily user, to stumped, im here.

 OS update triggered  (parrot os)

 The Browser immediatly fails with warning message, with this link, but
 zero logs, everytime.

 i have spent a "few" hours going through the processes, im now here
 writing this.

 list of fault finding with zero success:

 Rebooted, used older version of OS (last weeks)
 same issue.. despite working previously 48hrs ago.. (odd)
 Rebooted again, chose updated OS version
 ran updates manualy
 reconfiged packet sources
 read torproject documents
 reconfiged tor deb. sources
 updated again
 cleared up
 grew incresingly fustrated at zero effects
 checked updates, version, integreity. no complaining
 swapped out line access to wireless access, regularly used, known to work
 reinstalled Tor Browser Via alternate mirror, using OS Applicaiton - Tor
 Browser Launcher Settings
 Ran updates, none needed, current version, no complaints
 repeated again, differnt mirror, via terminal
 still no change in immediacey of crash, with zero logs.
 known good state of health of hardware, less than a year as a fresh
 (may decline rapidly, however.)
 no network issues, other functions work
 ran Anon Surf Application, autoconfigs, traffic routes through Tor.
 writing this via it. checked functions. no issues.
 cannot find what is broken. cannot find conflict.  I am "locked Out"
 Can, try this all over again on a seperate, similar machine,.

 owing to that which is bed time was yesterday and "no idea delierum" of
 should i eat, have a drink, or fall face first into a couch, means im

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