[tbb-bugs] #27824 [Applications/Tor Browser]: TorBrowser or NoScript 10 prevents cookies even if cookie exceptions are present

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Sun Feb 10 08:06:47 UTC 2019

#27824: TorBrowser or NoScript 10 prevents cookies even if cookie exceptions are
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Comment (by cypherpunks):

 In TBB 8.5 & earlier (linux), IF torbutton security slider is default
 **"Standard** setting," and in preferences - **"Accept cookies & site
 data"** is checked, **then** "Accept third party cookies & site data" is
 checked & set @ Always - by default.

 With torbutton @ Standard security, when 3rd party cookies are **allowed
 Always**, it **toggles** the "privacy.firstparty.isolate" pref to FALSE;
 and toggles it to True when 3rd party cookies are set to "Never."  Then
 lots of **3rd party cookies are set** instantly.  I assume 3rd parties'
 Site Data is also loaded, but I've not checked it yet.

 I suggest that it not toggle the firstparty.isolate pref.

 In TBB, same settings as above, but 3rd Party Cookies are = "From Visited
 Sites," it still toggles firstparty.isolate = False (shouldn't), but seems
 to allow only 1st party cookies.  (I haven't checked that on 100's of

 When firstparty.isolate is False & torbutton security setting = Safer, it
 seems to **block** 3rd party cookies when Accept 3rd Party cookies =
 Always.  Safer setting - good.  But, parts of some sites haven't worked in
 the past at torbutton Safer setting.

 Checked this behavior several times in TBB & regular Fx 60.5esr (Linux)
 Both new installs, new profile for regular Fx ESR, no addons installed in
 the regular Fx ESR; only default addons in TBB.

 Same behavior in both of the ESR flavors, whether TBB is restarted / get
 new identity or not.  Yes, it'd delete 3rd party cookies, but they'll come
 right back unless Accept 3rd party cookies  = "Never."

 In Firefox 65 (Linux) they've changed the cookie options UI, even from a
 couple versions ago.  In it, disabling ALL cookie blocking (incl. 3rd
 party) does not toggle "privacy.firstparty.isolate" to False.

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