[tbb-bugs] #29430 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Use uTLS for meek TLS camouflage in Tor Browser

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Sat Feb 9 09:10:45 UTC 2019

#29430: Use uTLS for meek TLS camouflage in Tor Browser
 Reporter:  dcf                       |          Owner:  tbb-team
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Comment (by gk):

 Replying to [comment:5 yawning]:
 > Replying to [comment:4 mcs]:
 > > Kathy and I agree: if we are planning to switch to obfs4proxy's meek
 client implementation (which seems like a good option to us), we should
 change Tor Launcher to use SOCKS args with the meek PT that it spins up
 for Moat.
 > >
 > > Georg, is it worthwhile for us to do that work in Tor Launcher soon,
 or should we first resolve the "meek-client or obfs4proxy?" question?
 > For what it's worth, I also think that changing Tor Launcher to do so is
 orthogonal from which meek implementation is being used, since the new
 code will work with both implementations (unless meek-client is doing
 something extremely surprising under the hood).

 Yep, that's what occurred to me as well. mcs/brade: aiming for the SOCKS
 args work to be ready for 9.0a1 seems like a good idea to me. Could you
 open a child ticket to this bug for that? We can then start shipping Tor
 Browser with uTLS support in the alphas shaking out bugs and have this
 ready for 9.0 later this year. However, we should have #28044 done first
 if possible.

 This is quite exciting as it gets rid of the additional browser profiles
 we ship, too, and brings us a step closer to a Tor Browser without
 extensions that need a signature requirement exception.

 So far I see no drawback of using `meek_lite`, so let's aim for that one.
 We can think a bit more about it, though, before we make a final decision
 in a couple of weeks.

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