[tbb-bugs] #27466 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Investigate single-locale language repacks for Tor Browser on desktop

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Fri Feb 8 19:47:48 UTC 2019

#27466: Investigate single-locale language repacks for Tor Browser on desktop
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Comment (by intrigeri):

 Replying to [comment:19 gk]:
 > Replying to [comment:18 intrigeri]:
 > This list is good, thanks for that.

 /me blushes

 > Yes, there is another benefit: we could get our security bugfixes out
 earlier as we don't need to wait on the langpacks being ready to start the
 build. We are talking here about a couple of hours which seems like a good
 win in case of emergency releases.

 This would be great! It would also improve Tails' "time to remediation",
 so I now see there's something in it for Tails too, which is motivating :)

 > That's been a good summary and analysis. Now, alas, I won't have time to
 work on that for 8.5 as I need to help out to get the browser for Android
 into a shippable state. Thus, this won't come before 9.0.

 OK. With my Tails hat on, this is reassuring wrt. the timing of upcoming
 To make sure I'm on the right page, 9.0 == Firefox 68esr = Oct 2019?

 > And, yes, this ticket is about an investigation, so we might at the end
 find we achieve our goals better by other means (but I am skeptical so

 ACK. I'm personally interested in helping find a solution that avoids ugly
 workarounds on Tails' side, but alas, at the moment I can't reasonably
 commit to anything more. (My evil plans for early retirement take more
 time than I would have hoped ;)  Now, if we find a couple spare hours
 together at a Tor meeting — unlikely —, I'd be happy to do whatever I can

 > Right now the most important one is […]

 Thanks for spelling out the goals and their priorities this clearly. I
 think it's invaluable info to rank this in a roadmap and it helps me
 understand better what's going on.

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