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#28716: Create a mingw-w64-clang project
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Comment (by cypherpunks33):

 Some more notes:
 There are different approaches in LLVM to become the default system for
 everything, and sooner or later it will start adding new features,
 inherently incompatible with GCC/MSVC/etc. This will require making
 changes to the current build systems. There are two ways: making build
 scripts for LLVM or adjusting GCC ones. In the latter we should decide
 whether to maintain the best compatibility with GCC or transform it into
 the GCC-incompatible one (which will become a native LLVM one after
 IIRC, you usually prefer a transition plan with dropping the previous
 system support. And you've already started to replace `gcc` with `clang`,
 etc. But it seems it's too early to make incompatible changes. We should
 check first whether all LLVM tools support that.

 I propose to make the full GNU (not only GCC) compatible drop-in
 Also we should use the latest CMake and Ninja as recommended: "Please use
 the latest available CMake for your platform to avoid surprises." It is
 needed for "The check-all target (i.e. ninja check-all) will run the
 regression tests to ensure everything is in working order." (BTW, where is
 Mozilla doing it or https://llvm.org/docs/AdvancedBuilds.html#stage-non-
 determinism after stage3?)

 Big thanks for trying to upstream lld patch! It is the right way to go.
 Some minor notes:
 > Since r332613 lld has the option of setting the timestamp in PE headers
 to `0`
 Not lld, lld-link. It can set timestamp to any 32-bit value.
 > However, we need a patch for lld's MingW
 Chinese hero Ming W.? :)
 > to pass this option on in our cross-compilation case
 It turns out it's much harder to pass the options properly than hardcode

 Actually, we need much more changes to lld (and lld-link) to have the
 required features.
 Is it possible to invite Martin to the discussion?

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