[tbb-bugs] #29349 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Remove obsolete prefs from meek-http-helper-user.js

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Wed Feb 6 05:14:38 UTC 2019

#29349: Remove obsolete prefs from meek-http-helper-user.js
     Reporter:  dcf                       |      Owner:  tbb-team
         Type:  enhancement               |     Status:  new
     Priority:  Medium                    |  Milestone:
    Component:  Applications/Tor Browser  |    Version:
     Severity:  Normal                    |   Keywords:  meek
Actual Points:                            |  Parent ID:
       Points:                            |   Reviewer:
      Sponsor:                            |
 I was looking at the HTTP helper and I noticed that we no longer need to
 override the network.http.spdy.* prefs.

 I did a testbuild with this patch on top of
 50193b4aff592e79b5a45fccb2a1547cef8e2691, tried meek-azure, and got
 fingerprint [https://tlsfingerprint.io/id/bb94e801f7aee52b
 bb94e801f7aee52b] as before (as in #26241)

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