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#28329: Design TBA+Orbot configuration UI/UX
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Comment (by dunqan):

 Hey everyone,

 Antonela asked me to review the designs above. I'm not as knowledgeable
 about TBA & Orbot as most of the people in this thread though, so please
 take these recommendations with a pinch of salt!

 Firstly I agree with everyone who's suggested that the connection (and
 bridging) should happen automatically without requiring any input from the
 user. However the following review assumes there's a good reason for
 requiring manual prompts, since it seems to be the route we've gone down!

 == 1.0 (Start screen) ==
  * Is there enough affordance in the settings cog as an icon alone, or
 should we be presenting users with two clear options instead?


 == 2.0 (Bootstrapping) ==
  * Should the settings icon be accessible from here at all, since it's a
 transitionary screen with a process already underway?
  * Increasing the contrast of "Swipe ~~to~~ left to see Tor log" will
 greatly help our visually impaired users (also note the wee typo in there
  * Do we need a link to cancel this process in case it hangs? Or provide a
 back button to screen 1.0?


 == 3.0 (Network) ==
  * Are users knowledgeable enough to understand that censorship in their
 location is responsible for Tor's failure to connect?
  * It may not be obvious enough to the user that the browser has
 successfully connected after hitting the switch, as the success state is
 quite subtle.
  * Users may not understand that they need to hit the back button to
 continue (which seems a little counter-intuitive), and could erroneously
 hit "Change" instead.


 == 4.0 (Combined Network/Bridge proposal) ==
 It's my understanding that there are basically three mutually exclusive
 options on the table for when Tor's blocked:

  1. Automatic selection
  1. Select from list
  1. Enter manually

 So with that in mind, I've wireframed a proposal that combines both the
 "Network" and "Select a bridge" screens into a single menu to:

  * Help address any ambiguity about censorship in the UI
  * Reduce confusion about how to proceed once an option's been selected
 (as selecting an option will automatically advance to the next screen to
 attempt connection).
  * Better surface manual selection and entry for more advanced users.

 In this scenario, hitting the automatic option would cycle through the
 built-in list until a bridge can be successfully connected to.

 However nested radio-buttons may not be the best way to do this –


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