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Fri Feb 1 01:16:28 UTC 2019

#29255: Begin auditing android-components
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 Before I forget again...we should start looking at Mozilla's Android
 Components project. It will be the basis (build-your-own-browser) for
 fennec's replacement and we should catch any design problems sooner rather
 than later. There's already a browser-like app using Android Components,
 they're calling it the Reference Browser.

 The only part of this I already looked into (very briefly) last month was
 the network stack. It looks like there are [https://github.com/mozilla-
 mobile/android-components/tree/master/components/lib two implementation]
 of the `fetch` component, and they both rely on the Android Java core
 network library (one uses okhttp, the other uses httpurlconnection). If we
 use this, I think we'll want another option that only uses Necko.

 Also, it's mostly written in Kotlin. Yay.


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