[tbb-bugs] #30069 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Security slider and about:tor strings are untranslated in Tor Browser for Android

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Mon Apr 29 08:36:18 UTC 2019

#30069: Security slider and about:tor strings are untranslated in Tor Browser for
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Comment (by gk):

 Replying to [comment:6 gk]:
 > Okay, after more testing it turns out that the Torbutton strings stay in
 en-US by default if you are just using the systems locale as is the
 default setting in Fennec. Thus, even if all the other parts of the
 browser are correctly localized, if your system default locale is not en-
 US you'll have en-US strings in Torbutton related parts. Only if you are
 selecting your locale explicitly (even if it is in fact the same as the
 system locale) you'll get the properly localized strings after restart.
 How inconvenient.

 Okay, some further insights:

 1) This is not a Torbutton-only problem. In fact it affects all the other
 extensions we bundle as well (that is HTTPS Everywhere and NoScript)

 2) The problem is visible as well if I uninstall, e.g. NoScript, and then
 reinstall it via AMO.

 3) The problem is _not_ visible if I install NoScript via AMO in a Firefox
 60 ESR

 4) I tried to go back in time testing older bundles. All bundles that we
 shipped in "multi" mode are affected at least.

 2) and 3) make me believe one of our patches is interfering here. Trying
 to bisect...

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