[tbb-bugs] #30166 [Applications/Tor Browser]: If custom bridges are specified, only use those bridges for connecting

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Mon Apr 29 05:48:32 UTC 2019

#30166: If custom bridges are specified, only use those bridges for connecting
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Comment (by gk):

 Replying to [comment:8 sisbell]:
 > I updated the TOPL and android-tor-service code to fix this issue:
 > https://github.com/sisbell/tor-android-
 > I verified with Orbot app that it is picking up user-defined bridges
 (using one I pulled from torproject bridges site). When the user does not
 define a bridge but enables bridges, I verified that it is using one of
 the random bridges during startup. The PT entries are also in the torrc
 > The one case I'm not certain of (and the commits above don't handle), is
 if a user specifies a bridge type (like obfs4) as the first field in the
 'Bridge Addresses' TextField. Is this allowed?

 Yes. If you e.g. test on https://bridges.torproject.org and obtain obfs4
 bridges that way the idea is to copy those lines into your Tor Browser and
 the correct bridges are picked up. (see the howto for instructions, which
 is for now only for desktop, though: https://bridges.torproject.org/howto
 and the bridge options at https://bridges.torproject.org/options).

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