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Tue Apr 16 15:48:27 UTC 2019

#30199: tor-android-service: Review 2019/04/16
     Reporter:  sysrqb                    |      Owner:  tbb-team
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 Overall, nicely done. This review is on master

 the initial import (`36f9873ff075253f4c1c9e394c91031fd4ba9d4a`), do you
 know the git hash of the orbot commit you used?

 `1d635a925ca1728542067ee7bf34ff532d623a3f` - The renaming is Tor Browser
 specific, so we should probably carry this as a patch in tor-browser-
 build, instead of hard coding "Tor Browser" within a general purpose "Tor
 service" library, right?

 `45244c49fbe382e97655b8f8d8f482e54f95ed07` - I wonder if we should carry a
 patch for this too. If tor-android-services+TOPL is intended as a general
 Android Tor library, then we probably shouldn't make it Tor Browser

 `f3b3df4e66630a68c9987d52d93580549a0acaf4` - this package doesn't exist
 yet, but it will exist in a few weeks, so leaving it is probably okay.

 `1a2121e2a7ee8a6c0f3b5edd150b38eaae8bef304` - hasCookieAuthentication()
 and runAsDaemon() seem out of place in this commit

 `784919d8eb19083cf761b3e7314c49d8befc00cd` - custom tor, the binaries
 should be compiled as dependencies by tor-browser-build and injected into
 the build,  TorService.TOR_VERSION should be patched at build time

 `6a9314aff4418a4edac33ff39fae266b097cf000` - In the future, we should take
 the bridges used on desktop (currently specified in Firefox's pref format
 and injected at build time by tor-browser-build), and pre-process them for
 inclusion on Android, too.

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