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Tue Apr 16 05:45:26 UTC 2019

#30195: Resize window to default automatically
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Comment (by Thorin):

 No one is sure yet what the final form will take. It may be that sizing on
 new windows is replaced by letterboxing, or it may be that it is used in
 conjunction. And the letterboxing step sizes (which may be a sliding
 scale) haven't been decided. Until tests are done etc, it's not even known
 if this ticket will even be an issue (don't get me wrong: letterboxing
 will encourage more entropy, and having a set startup size is beneficial,
 as is sticking to it when you can).

 Right now the letterboxing is using a hardcoded 200x100 steps, so your
 situation in future is actually already fixed: e.g
 - you open at 1000x1000 pixels
 - you accidentally drag the window slightly bigger (say 1000x1034)
 - your viewport stays at 1000x1000. You were protected the whole time

 Disabling the browser chrome is most likely going to be a wontfix - I
 can't speak for gk et al, but it adds complexity that isn't needed, even
 if it could be done. And users could still maximize or go full screen.
 Allowing resizing is a usability issue - **all these years** it's just
 been a warning not to resize the browser - why would they suddenly lock
 the size at this stage, esp with letterboxing coming.

 That said, after the final form is decided, it would be kind of nice for a
 preset button that resets a window size - I think there's even another
 ticket open for that

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